CRTA Awards

Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway Awards is a movement in the hospitality sector. It is an official award that recognises, promotes and celebrates the immense importance and popularity of the Chinese catering industry in the UK, as determined by its consumers.

The CRTA judging process - FAQ

Fair and democratic voting is at the heart of Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway Awards. We want to ensure that our entire voting process is as transparent as possible, so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Once a business has been nominated, it will be subject to two rounds of scoring. Restaurants are judged on their: Customer Nominations and CRTA assessment.
These are broken down as follows:
  • Customer nomination review based on:
    Quality of Food
    Quality of Service
    Value for Money
  • Social Media & Food Hygiene review based on:
    TripAdvisor Reviews
    Google Reviews
    Food Hygiene Rating

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our team directly at CRTA Email.

  • 客户提名审核基于:
  • 社交媒体和食品卫生审查基于:

如果您有任何其他问题,请直接与我们的团队联系 CRTA Email.
CRTA 2018 is open to every Chinese restaurant and takeaway in the United Kingdom. If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact our team directly at CRTA Email.

CRTA 2018对所有中国餐厅和英国外卖店开放。 如果您对自己的资格有疑问,请直接与我们的团队联系 CRTA Email.
Anyone over 18 can vote for their favourite restaurant. Individuals can cast their vote through our online nominee form via our social media channels , or by tendering a paper voting slip .

18岁以上的人可以投票选出自己喜欢的餐馆。 个人可以通过我们的在线投票 被提名人表格 通过我们的社交媒体渠道,或通过招标书投票单。
Nominations open at 1pm on Thursday 15th November 2018 and close on 15th December 2018. Any votes cast outside of this period will be ineligible.

Restaurants and takeaways based in sixteen regions of the UK will be eligible for entry. These include: North London, East London, South London, West London, The North East Region, The North West Region, The East Midlands, The West Midlands, East Anglia, The South East Region, South West Region, The South-Central Region, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The South East Region Kent.

位于英国16个地区的餐馆和外卖店将有资格入境。 其中包括:北伦敦,东伦敦,南伦敦,西伦敦,东北地区,西北地区,东米德兰兹,西米德兰兹,东安格利亚,东南地区,西南地区,中南部地区 ,苏格兰,威尔士,北爱尔兰,东南地区肯特。
Once voting/nominations has concluded, the CRTA team will collate a shortlist of the top three restaurants and takeaways on a per-region basis.
The top 3 winners from each respective region will then be invited to the grand finale event on the 23rd December 2018 in the Hilton Hotel Heathrow, where the regional winners will be announced, and awards will be handed out.

  • National Champion of Champions
  • National Newcomer of the Year
  • National Dim Sum Restaurant of the Year
  • The Best Chinatown
  • Regional Winners

  • 全國冠军之冠
  • 年度新人大奖
  • 最佳點心餐厅
  • 最佳中國城餐厅
  • 地区获奖者
If your establishment has been nominated, you will be informed via email or directly by CRTA team. If your business has not been listed on CRTA, our team will endeavour to contact you directly to confirm your nomination.
If you wish to register your business in advance, you can do so through our online form available here.

如果您的机构已被提名,您将通过电子邮件或CRTA团队直接通知您。 如果您的公司未在CRTA上市,我们的团队将尽力与您联系以确认您的提名。

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