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Powered by our strategic partner ChefOnline, the concept of Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway Awards and its journey begins and ends on a customer level. Galvanised by the technological platforms at our disposal alongside our initial clientele base of over 50,000 active customers, we ask the regular consumers of Chinese cuisine Read More


Winning a prestigious CRTA Award will help your organisation to stand out from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business 查看中文

CRTA Benefits

  • Recognition of excellence
  • Client engagement
  • Customers feedback
  • Measuring quality of food & service
  • Enhanced digital marketing awareness
  • Brand recognition

- the dedicated frequenters of Chinese food on the streets of Britain - to put forward their most beloved Chinese restaurants. The process of nomination via online applications and websites will help us compile an authentic list of the nation’s most cherished eateries based on the opinions of local residents from regions across the UK. After the launch of our campaign, we endeavour to separate the UK into 16 distinct areas in order to distinguish the Top 3 Chinese restaurants and takeaways in each region - from Edinburgh to Southampton, from Belfast to Cambridge, and everywhere in between. We conducted a formal assessment to determine the leading culinary establishments dependent upon such criteria as quality of service, quality of food and value for money in tandem with the number of nominations provided by the public.

At CRTA, we are not simply concerned with cuisine. Our prerogative is the entire culinary experience - 360 degrees from the moment you step in the restaurant to the moment the door closes behind you.

CRTA celebrates the art of cookery, but places the same amount of emphasis on all roles in the hospitality environment, including extraordinary service or bar management. Read Less

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